From a fully built and tested engine ready to bolt in, to buildable core engines ready for your machinist, we stock them. Our built engines are test run here at our shop to check for proper oil pressure, compression and to insure there are no oil or coolant leaks. Our core engines can be shipped to you as is, our we can build it to your custom specifications. Feel free to call or e-mail with you goals, we are here to help.
409 / 476 cubic inch stroker
Built from a 1965 truck block (#3857656)
  1.  4.352”  Bore size (.040” overbore)
  2.  Eagle 4” stroker steel crank
  3.  6.135” length connecting rods
  4.  Full roller valve train
  5.  Steff’s custom oil pan
  6.  Dual Edelbrock 500 CFM carbs
  7.  GM OEM intake manifold
  8.  FULL MSD ignitions system (distributor, wires and coil)
  9.  Test run here at our shop
  10.  Give us a call or e-mail for a full build sheet and bill of materials on this engine  
$13,500.00 obo plus shipping
409 / 476 C.I. Stroker 409 / 409 short block
A29-62 casting (3788068)
  1.  Ross Pistons
  2.  Block sleeved
  3.  4.342” bore size
  4.  .010” / .010” reground crankshaft
$4,500.00 plus shipping
409 / 409 bare block
3788068 casting number
  1.  Standard size bore
  2.  No cracks or welds
  3.  No issues
  4.  Can be built to your specs             or shipped to your machine shop
$3,200.00 obo
Z-11 RW aluminum cylinder heads
  1.  New aluminum Rojeski-Walden castings
  2.  2.30 Ferrea one-piece stainless valves
  3.  1.90 Ferrea one-piece stainless valves
  4.  1.75 ratio pedestal rocker arms
  5.  Tool Room springs
  6.  CNC machined ports
Complete with valve covers, valley pan and
RW aluminum high rise intake manifold CNC port matched to heads
$13,500.00 plus shipping
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