We have been specializing in Chevrolet 409 and 348 vehicles for over 40 years. We stock and sell new, used, performance and rare racing parts. Not only have we built up an inventory of hard to find new and used parts, we are also a WD for 409/348 related new engine parts from these manufacturers:
Z-11 RW aluminum cylinder heads
  1.  New aluminum Rojeski-Walden castings
  2.  2.30 Ferrea one-piece intake stainless valves
  3.  1.90 Ferrea one-piece exhaust stainless valves
  4.  1.75 ratio pedestal rocker arms
  5.  Tool Room springs
  6.  CNC machined ports
Complete with valve covers, valley pan and
RW aluminum high rise intake manifold CNC port matched to heads
$13,500.00 plus shipping
Rojeski-Walden Aluminum Intake manifold
Available in 1x4 bbl or 2x4 bbl configuration.
In stock and ready to ship
$1,650.00 plus shipping
Listed below is a partial list of our inventory. If you do not see what you need, please call and we can probably help.
Prices and quantities change often, call or e-mail for updates.
Phone 530.934.4336  E-mail 409chevyparts@sbcglobal.net mailto:409chevyparts@sbcglobal.net?subject=infoshapeimage_4_link_0
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20” wheels. Set of 3
8 Bolt with lug nuts and center caps. 
In excellent shape with NO curb rash. 
Dealer list is $1,360.00 each (!!)
Will sell for $600.00 for the set of 3 
(including lug nuts and center caps)
Call me at 530.934.4336
  1.  Ross Pistons    
  2.  Ackerly and Childs
  3.  PEP (Precision Engine Parts)
  1.  Competition Cams    
  2.  Manley Performance
  3.  Best Gasket Company
  1.  Atech Motorsports  
  2.  Fast Engine Parts
  3.  Mad Dog Racing
Since we are 409/348 specialists, we have the knowledge and experience to get you the parts you need... the first time! Another benefit is that your parts are shipped direct from the manufacturers warehouse closest to you, saving you valuable time and keeping shipping costs to a minimum. We know the parts you need, and more importantly, we know the parts you don’t need. Our service does not end when we ship your parts, we offer FREE tech support and advice for anything you buy. We are here to help!
We Buy 409 Engine Cores and Parts Shipping
  1.  ARP Hardware
  2.  Isky Camshafts
  3.  Eagle Performance
  1.  Clevite Bearings
  2.  Fel-Pro Gaskets
  3.  Scat Crankshafts
New 409 4” stroker rotating assembly
Increase the displacement of your 409ci to a 472ci with this stroker kit. These are the same carefully chosen (and proven) parts that we install into the engines we build here at the shop. We are now offering it in kit form for you or your machinist to install. The kit includes:
  1.  Eagle 4” stroke, internally balanced steel crankshaft
  2.  Ross forged pistons (your choice of bore size)
  3.  Ackerly and Childs piston rings (pre-gapped)
  4.  Eagle H-beam or I-beam 6.135” connecting rods
  5.  Clevite connecting rod and main bearing sets
  6.  DuraBond camshaft bearings
$2,395.00 (plus shipping)
Call us and we can recommend a camshaft profile and fuel system that will work properly with this combination.